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Update on Graham Creek

The LPCA has contacted the City regarding the beaver activity at Graham Creek and on December 30th, a licensed trapper was contracted to investigate. Please review the message below from the Program Manager for background on their decision process. We will update the community when we receive an update on the outcome of the investigation.:

"This section of Graham Creek is an integral part of the City’s stormwater conveyance system, as many storm sewers and several stormwater facilities rely on this water corridor. We are aware that the dam was removed but the beaver remains in the area. I would like to confirm that the City tries to balance accommodating wildlife, while also maintaining flood protection resilience. We understand that in some cases residents would like a beaver to remain, or be relocated, but maintaining flood protection for homes and businesses is the City’s main focus and responsibility. In this case, the City has engaged a licensed trapper to assess and determine the most appropriate management strategy based Provincial requirements in the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. This Act permits live trapping, relocation as well as lethal measures. One of the restrictions associated with live trapping is that a beaver must not be relocated more than 1km of the original capture site since beavers are very territorial within a specific area.

I understand that the beaver in Leslie Park is a very divisive issue within the Community. Some residents request swift action to remove beavers in this section of Graham Creek, and other residents request a different approach. As mentioned above, the City has extensive infrastructure within Graham Creek, as well as discharging to the creek, and the City must proactively manage beaver activity and obstructions that could cause or contribute to flooding. As a result, the City has engaged a licensed trapper to assess and determine the most appropriate management strategy."


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