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Consultation on the Transportation Master Plan

The City of Ottawa has launched Phase 3 of its consultation on the Transportation Master Plan. During this phase of engagement, the public is invited to provide input on the close to 70 proposed transportation-related policies to be included in Part 1 of the TMP.

These policies - developed in line with the Official Plan, and the new realities of our growing city - will guide our transportation decisions and networks to 2046 and help Ottawa fulfill its vision of becoming the most liveable mid-sized city in North America.

Residents are also invited to use our online engagement tools to provide feedback on the pedestrian and cycling projects that are proposed for implementation from 2023 onwards and a proposed network of paved shoulders to be added to rural roads at the time of resurfacing.

The online questionnaires and a link to the mapping activities can be found on the project website along with the draft policy document, one-pagers, a discussion paper on transportation and climate change, and more.

Residents are welcome to share questions or comments with the TMP team by emailing

Thank you.

The TMP Update Team


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