About LPCA

The Leslie Park Community Association (LPCA) is the liaison between residents and the City of Ottawa. While there are a number of condo boards within Leslie Park, the LPCA is one body that represents the community's interests with regard to city planning and development issues. 

In addition to holding regular meetings and communicating with our residents, the LPCA plans a number of annual events to help neighbours connect and maintain a sense of community. There are many ways to get involved with the LPCA, if you are interested, please visit the Volunteer page or email our Executive team at the link below.

LPCA Board

President:                                                             Rachel Tweedy

Vice-President:                                                    Andrew Barton

Treasurer:                                                            Bill Watson 

Secretary:                                                            Kristine Bourque

Membership Drive Coordinator:                        Juan Carlos Galindo

Volunteer Coordinator:                                       Alfia Sorokina

Street Rep Coordinator:                                     Peter Talajic

Rink Operator:                                                     Frank Sullivan

Webmaster:                                                         <vacant>

Social Media Coordinator:                                  Saba Rudd

Marketing & Communications Coordinator:     Tammy Peters

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