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Emergency Preparedness Newsletter 2023

Dear Leslie Park Neighbours,

As we continue to experience unprecedented weather events, all levels of government are reminding us of our individual responsibility to be prepared for weather-related emergencies and power outages.

Members of the Leslie Park Community Association recently attended an online information session hosted by Councillor Johnson and attended by City of Ottawa staff to discuss the importance of supporting our residents before and during any emergency.

This newsletter includes information that we feel is important to share with Leslie Park households.

Role of the Leslie Park Community Association

During any emergency the LPCA, when and where possible, will:

  • Work to connect with our Councillor and other City of Ottawa officials,

  • Work to communicate information to residents through our social media channels, the LPCA website and e-newsletter, and

  • Work to regularly check the Leslie Park email inbox.

Role of Leslie Park Residents

Your Leslie Park Community Association encourages all residents to consider the following actions to better prepare your household for any future emergencies:

  1. Sign up for the LPCA e-Newsletter Please sign up for the LPCA e-newsletter via the link on our webpage at We will be scheduling an online Emergency Preparedness meeting with city staff in September and plan on sharing meeting details via this newsletter. This communication channel is also one that we will use in the event of an emergency.

  2. Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit This City of Ottawa website has much information regarding emergency preparedness: The City of Ottawa webpage (see web address on the previous page) includes emergency preparedness checklists regarding family documents, pets, vulnerable persons, first-aid and food and water. You are encouraged to review these checklists as they include more items than can be listed here. As you read the following statement, please keep in mind items such as pet food, medication, flashlights, battery operated radio, cash, water and important papers: Your emergency preparedness kit should contain adequate supplies to keep you and your family self-sufficient in your home for at least three days.

  3. Connect with your Immediate Neighbours Do you know the names of your immediate neighbours?…including those to either side of you, behind and across the street? If you don’t, please introduce yourself and consider sharing contact information. In an emergency, the LPCA encourages you to regularly check in on each other. If everyone does this, then every resident in Leslie Park will be accounted for quickly and accurately. Thank you for paying special attention to those who could be considered particularly vulnerable during an emergency or power outage.

Thank you for taking these recommendations seriously and for any steps you take to ensure your household is better prepared for the next emergency. Thank you also for caring for your neighbours and doing your part to ensure all in our community feel connected and supported.


Your Leslie Park Community Association


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