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Leslie Park History

"Leslie Park - Then and Now" is a 58 page book on the history of Leslie Park. The book was authored by residents Dave Mullington and Marcia Falconer and a descendant of the of the original Leslie family, Grant Dolan. 


The book is available for online purchase for approximately $20 CDN plus taxes and S&H. Click here to order your copy. 

Here are some highlights from Leslie Park's history...

William Leslie came from Ireland in 1819. He and his son James Leslie settled on a large farm on the east side of Greenbank Road that included what is now Pinecrest Cemetery and part of Centrepointe.


In 1886 James Leslie bought 100 acres immediately to the west of this land for his son Edmund and new wife Almira Pratt. The property included a brick farmhouse built between 1866 and 1872 which stood at the NW corner of Monterey and Guthrie. A short laneway, now Guthrie Street, ran into the farm from Baseline - then a two lane dirt road.

Edmund and Almira’s son Harold Leslie was born in 1892 and in 1923 married Irene Marjory Belford. In 1957, Harold and Marjory built a home at 50 Greenbank Road, where the townhouses are now situated.


They sold their farm to the Ottawa developer Robert Campeau in the early 1960s who then began construction of the development known as Leslie Park. By the late 1960's much of Leslie Park was built and occupied.  


Since that time our community has grown and our history continues to be written.  To learn more about our community's story - buy the book...

Click to order the book
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