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Message from the City of Ottawa regarding issue with beaver in Graham Creek

As was reported last week, the LPCA has asked the City of Ottawa to handle the issue with the beaver in Graham Creek. A licensed trapper has been contracted and the intent is to trap and relocate. The trapper has attended the site in the past week, but has not been able to locate the current home base for removal purposes. We ask that interested residents please read the message below from Jim Lethbridge, Area Manager, Parks, Forestry & Stormwater Services as it contains information on how residents can assist with the resolution of the issue:

"Graham Creek is an integral part of the City’s stormwater conveyance system, as many storm sewers and several stormwater facilities rely on this water corridor. Recent attempts to remove blockages have proven ineffective as a long-term management strategy as the beaver remains in the area, actively rebuilding in response to ongoing attempts to remove structures. It is important to note that the City tries to balance accommodating wildlife, while also maintaining flood protection resilience. We understand that in some cases residents would like a beaver to remain, but maintaining flood protection for homes and businesses is the City’s main focus and responsibility.

As mentioned above, the City has extensive infrastructure within Graham Creek, as well as discharging to the creek, and the City must proactively manage beaver activity and obstructions that could cause or contribute to flooding. As a result, the City has engaged a licensed trapper to assess and determine the most appropriate management strategy for this area based Provincial requirements in the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

To help the contractor resolve this situation, the City asks that interested residents please discontinue any activities associated with the ongoing removal of dams or structures at this time. Ongoing interference will prolong the time it takes to locate and remove the beaver and will result in the loss of additional trees as the beaver attempts to rebuild structures. Once removed, the City will engage the RVCA and Parks operations staff to review and address any remaining debris that would be likely to contribute to or increase the potential of flooding for adjacent landowners."

If residents have further questions or concerns, they may contact Jim Lethbridge, Area Manager at or Ryan Polkinghorne, Program Manager at


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