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Volunteer at the Leslie Park Rink this Winter!

The "Best Outdoor Rink in the City of Ottawa" will be up and running soon. Please contact Rink Operator Frank Sullivan at if you are interested in any of these roles. Please consider giving your time this winter - the season is only 3 months!

Roles Available

  • Rink Supervisor - Responsible for the safe operation of the rink during their shift , must be able to shovel and clear snow as required. Adults or students aged 14 or over are needed. Students can earn $14/hour as a rink supervisor during the winter or they can volunteer to earn hours needed for high school graduation.

  • Rink Waterers - Responsible for watering the rink after it closes a few times a week. Watering start times vary from 8pm to 9pm depending on the day of the week. Extra help is needed in late December to get the rink up and running.

  • Rink Shovelers - Responsible for shoveling the rink, must be available on short notice to help clear snow as required

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