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Update on cannabis dispensary at 2547 Baseline Road.

Many residents have written to the City, Province and Ottawa Police Service expressing their concern about the new cannabis dispensary where the Mac's Milk used to be on Baseline Road - especially with its proximity to Pinecrest and St. Paul Schools. Please see the Ottawa Police Service's response:

"I have spoken to Ottawa Police Drug Unit and they are aware of this particular Marijuana Dispensary and other illegal dispensaries in the city. The Asset Forfeiture Unit of the Ottawa Police Service has already served a letter to the landlord informing him that OPS is investigating unlawful activity on his property.

To be clear, when it comes to illegal dispensaries, based on public complaints, the police can execute a search warrant and arrest and charge individuals, but does not have the power to shut down a store front. The very next day the store front could open again after a warrant has been executed. The police have no authority to shut down a business….but with Bill 174 coming it will give the police authority to shut down a business and then fine the landlord. The fine is very significant.

The Bill just passed Royal Assent. Bill 174 will be a great deterrent for landlords to have illegal dispensaries operating on their property. Here is a link to Bill 174."

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