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Provide Input for Phase 2 of Transportation Plan

Up until October 23, 2020, the public and all stakeholders are invited to review consultation materials and fill out an online questionnaire on the City of Ottawa’s Transportation Master Plan Update.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the City’s transportation system and things are still in a state of flux, the City is moving forward with its Transportation Master Plan update based on the information available and in consultation with stakeholders, other levels of government, elected officials, and residents.

The TMP Update will review the ways in which people, vehicles, and goods move through our city – and how this mobility can be achieved responsibly and sustainably for all including those who have mobility challenges.

Closely tied to the TMP Update is Ottawa’s Active Transportation Plan, an updated plan that will combine the Ottawa Pedestrian Plan and the Ottawa Cycling Plan into one, and guide the policies and actions for the development of the city’s pedestrian and cycling network.

For this phase of engagement, the public is invited to provide input on:

· The Active Transportation (AT) Plan;

· What a fair and equitable transportation system looks like; and,

· New technologies that are changing the way we move around the city.

An online mapping activity is also available for residents to identify missing pedestrian and cycling facilities that they would like considered and prioritized as part of the AT Plan.

The online questionnaire and a link to the mapping activity can be found at, as well as an introductory video, information boards, a discussion paper on new mobility, and a report on what was heard in Phase 1 about residents’ priorities and vision for the future of transportation in Ottawa.

As a stakeholder, you are invited to share your input by completing the questionnaire and mapping activity at

You are also encouraged to share the questionnaire and mapping activity broadly with your networks to ensure their views are captured.


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