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Great A-B-C Scavenger Hunt in Leslie Park

Starting on Jan 7th

Get Ready for the Great A-B-C Scavenger Hunt in Leslie Park!!  Let's all plan to have fun and be safe! While out on your scavenger hunt please be respectful of your neighbour's property and follow all Ottawa Public Health guidelines for physical distancing and masking. Stay home if you have symptoms or must otherwise isolate and don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance! We're all in this together!You may know your A, B, C's but can you find them in Leslie Park?! When: the scavenger hunt starts Friday January 7 and runs until the kids go back to in-person learning! Scavenger Hunters: kids and kids at heart prepare yourself for some outdoor fun in Leslie Park! Your neighbours have put up letters of the alphabet from A-Z and images of items beginning with a different letter of the alphabet like Apple, Ball and Cat for you to find over the next few weeks! The letters (A, B,C) or images  (Apple, Ball, Cat) will be displayed at 49 different households in your neighbourhood somewhere where it will be noticeable from the road or sidewalk when you are walking by their home. To participate simply print out the scavenger hunt form below, grab a clipboard and pencil and take a walk with your family! It certainly won't be easy, but take your time, have fun and try your best!!! For further information on the scavenger hunt consider joining the Leslie Park Circular - our very own community Facebook page sponsored by the LPCA.
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